Wages in Leisure industry set to increase

Up to 60 per cent of businesses within the hospitality and leisure industries are set to increase their wages in the next year due to the falling unemployment levels and the strengthening of the UK economy. The 2015 Barclays Employers Survey, which had 666 UK business respondents, revealed that the growth of wages has been outstripping inflation in recent months leading to a positive business outlook. The results also found that nearly half of hospitality and leisure businesses are hoping to increase staff levels this year. This positive outlook is slightly swayed due to the fact that the sector is also experiencing a skills shortage. The skills shortage within hospitality is considered to be at 70 per cent, over 20 per cent higher than the national average of 54 per cent. However, the hospitality and leisure industry is looking to create more jobs at a senior management level and looking to recruit low / unskilled level personnel to increase their staff levels. Mike Saul, Head of Hospitality & Leisure at Barclays says “As confidence returns to the sector, it is reassuring to see businesses recruiting across a range of roles. That said access to labour is clearly a growing issue. It’s imperative that businesses have the right people in the right jobs to ensure they are well-positioned for growth.”
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