VisitEngland Tourism Business Monitor - November Accommodation Report

The Tourism Business Monitor was designed by VisitEngland to measure and monitor tourism business performance and determine the factors which influence them. The recent November report shows that accommodation businesses have fared well during the post summer holiday period, with a 5% increase in visitor numbers overall. Good advanced booking levels for the forthcoming period has boosted confidence and businesses are generally feeling more optimistic about the end of the year than they were at the same point last year. The year appears to have been a great success so far with 63% of businesses surveyed saying that visitor figures are up compared with the same time last year. As a result of this positive performance, all business types are showing an improvement in satisfaction levels compared to this time last year. Almost 2 in 5 businesses overall say they are definitely aware of the Rugby World Cup, and this unsurprisingly rises to half of businesses within Rugby World Cup regions. Of those aware of the Rugby World Cup, 1 in 5 were definitely aware of any RWC games or affiliated events in their area. Although low levels, slightly more businesses in Rugby World Cup areas are reporting more enquires/bookings than usual for that period than those in non-Rugby World Cup areas, suggesting that the Rugby World Cup may already be having a direct influence on accommodation bookings. Read the full report here
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