Increase in customer satisfaction in tourism sector

The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index has shown an increase in customer satisfaction within the tourism sector in 2017. These results show a continual momentum over the past six years.

The most recent Index has shown that the UK’s tourism sector scored 80.7 out of 100 overall for customer satisfaction. This result was 0.8 points higher than the July 2016 score. The report also highlighted improvements from eight organisations within the sector.
The tourism sector performs above the UK average on all customer experience measures and the sector also generates fewer problems for its customers. The tourism sector has the highest proportion of problems related to the suitability of goods and services at 30.9%; the UK average is currently at 21.8%.
This index has shown that customers are expecting much more now, however they are willing to pay more for a better service too. After having 15 years experience in assessing accommodation properties, our quality assessors can help you maximise return on investment for your business and offer useful tips and advice.
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