Hotel guests rank their top 10 peeves...

A recent consumer survey conducted by hospitality designer and lighting supplier, Lyco has revealed the top ten things that annoy guests the most when staying in accommodation.

Unsurprisingly a lack of cleanliness, uncomfortable beds and poor WiFi all made the list however the number one bugbear for guest is rather interesting. Inadequate control over the temperature of a room has been labelled number one on the list!
The top ten hotel annoyances are as follows:
1.Not being able to control room temperature
2.General lack of cleanliness
3.Uncomfortable bed
4.Expensive / slow WiFi
5.Outside noise
6.No bedside lights
7.Badly positioned / poorly lit mirror
8.Low water pressure in shower or bath
9.Light flooding in from window or under door at night
10.Not enough cupboard or wardrobe space
We understand that some of these pet peeves cannot be avoided such as outside noise and lightings and after having assessed accommodation properties for over 15 years, many of these annoyances have been experienced by our experienced quality assessors.
Ensuring that your property is quality assessed is an excellent step to ensure that your accommodation business is doing everything possible to ensure a comfortable stay. Our quality assessments now also incorporate your establishment’s online reputation too. Therefore if any potentially negative comments are received, they will be tactfully mentioned during your assessment with suggestions on how to improve.
For more information about quality assessment for your property please contact us.
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