The Hospitality Social Media Guide

There are many things to consider when it comes to the use of social media within a business environment. Whether it is for a hotel, holiday park or a small B&B, it is important to ensure that your ‘voice’ on social media portrays your business correctly. Quality in Tourism has compiled a list of the top five tips to consider when managing social media accounts within your accommodation business.
  1. Know what to post and when to post – Firstly, thinking about what content you want your potential guests to see is very important. Do you want to post images, share reviews or provide offers? Creating a content plan is a great place to start, but a main rule to go by is to ensure that you include relevant thought provoking, interesting stories that are shareable with your followers. Of course, the amount of times you post will depend on your schedule; however it’s best to be careful and post at least twice per day - too many posts per day could scare some followers away and too little could mean you’re forgotten.
  2. Be customer service oriented – Utilise the social media channels to focus on your potential & existing customers; it’s a great way to reach out to them both directly and keep in touch after their stay. Many guests will plan their trip based solely around what they’ve seen on the internet about your accommodation so be sure to keep all of your contact information up to date!
  3. Be responsive and helpful – It’s important to respond to people who are contacting you directly on your social media accounts; if you don’t have the answer, let them know that you’ll look into it and contact them again with an answer. Responding to any comments or interactions is a great way to increase your overall awareness, as potential guests will recognise that you are available and willing to help.
  4. Ask questions and encourage guests to post about your property – Instead of always pushing the content out to your followers, try engaging them with questions or a call out requesting their opinions on your services. Competitions are also a great way to encourage people to interact with your business.
  5. Have a social media policy for employees – Creating a social media policy for employees is a great way to ensure that the content you’re posting is correct and related to the business. By having a policy in place it can decrease the risks of staff posting inappropriate content that may be offensive or could damage your reputation.
We hope that you found this information useful. For more advice on marketing your business online and how to communicate effectively please visit the VisitEngland website here. 
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