Secret lives of UK campers revealed

New research has revealed that camping and glamping is still very popular in the UK. The research conducted by the Cool Camping Guidebook also collated some interesting facts about those who camp in the UK. The survey discovered that over half of the respondents camp with pre-school and school age children. Also, 85 per cent of respondents have been camping with another family; however 15 per cent of those also said that they regretted their decision! The top three most searched for camping destinations include Cornwall, the Lake District and Dorset with interest rising over last year for areas in Suffolk, Kent, Snowdonia and the Peak District. The most popular destination for glamping however, is Yorkshire. Research shows that campfires are highly sought after when people are searching for campsites to stay, with respondents keen to experience ‘the great outdoors’.  Interestingly, 86 per cent of people leave campsites without breaking one campsite rule. According to research, 18 per cent forget to take their tent pegs, a vital piece of camping equipment! A further 17 per cent of people forget to take a kettle to have a cup of tea in the morning and shockingly, 54 per cent of campers forget to bring a corkscrew to open bottles of wine!
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