Safety Standards in the Sharing Economy

Our free report uncovers how the sharing economy is leaving thousands of hosts, destinations and guests at risk.

A recent rise in homestay rentals bought about by an increased sharing economy has created a cause for concern for the health and safety and standards provided to guests. The renting of a spare room or house should follow the same regulations expected of a standard hotel or B&B, however the implementation and imposing of such standards is difficult to keep a track off. Add to this a further lack of responsibility of overseeing this new economy can lead to many guests being put into an environment that is unregulated and not always safe.

The report covers:

  • Current regulatory requirements
  • Guest expectations versus reality
  • How you can protect your destination
  • What we believe the industry needs
  • Our solution - Safe, Clean & Legal™  

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Sharing Economy Safety Standards: The Next Disaster Story?

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