QiT Assessor Stories

We recently asked our team of assessors to share some of their most memorable stories from their time in the quality assessment industry.

We were delighted to read some of their stories and we just had to share a few of our favourite with you... Enjoy!

“One of the first things most assessors do on entering a room is to lie on the bed and take in the surroundings. Then follows a look-around, then a housekeeping check and then you can unpack. A colleague a few years ago, got to the housekeeping check and was looking under the bed, surprised to see a tent card, pulling it out, it proclaimed “Yes, we really do vacuum under our beds!”  


“An ex-colleague told me this story, working a housekeeping shift (most of us have worked in all departments of a hotel) a loo roll delivery had just arrived. Knowing a number of rooms required spare loo rolls, our intrepid trainee housekeeper set off to replenish the rooms. Arriving at the first door at 2.30pm, normally ample time before check-in, she knocked on the door announcing “Housekeeping” hearing nothing she used her pass key and went in to the room, quickly straight to the bathroom, on opening the door, she looked aghast, a gentleman was sitting on the throne! The rather bewildered guest looked at her as she passed him the loo roll and uttered these immortal words. “All part of the service Sir at the Tower Hotel” and beat a very hasty retreat."


"One of the first things you are taught during your intensive Hotel Inspector training is not to draw attention to yourself. Somebody really should have told John G this who at that time was the senior hotel inspector for the north of England.

Sitting at dinner reading a copy of the Times, in a rather splendid restaurant, he hadn’t noticed the candle, but the candle had noticed him and his Times! Whoosh, he was on fire!

After the staff had put him out and moved him to another table, the head waiter came through with another copy of the Times with a frown on his face, apologising profusely, they weren’t sure which page he was reading before the interruption!

Can you imagine introducing yourself the next morning!"


"A few years ago assessing a large, newly refurbished hotel in London, well it had 700 bedrooms, so really a small village, with three dedicated escalators just to reach reception!

Two things happened here to me that I found, one quite amazing and the other simply unbelievable, but true...

1) During the show-around as we walked through the vast breakfast room, with its six buffet stations and an open kitchen where breakfast is cooked to order. The operations manager was explaining to me, with a huge grin, he had just recruited one of the top “Breakfast Maîtres D’s” in London. Intrigued I asked how many breakfasts did you serve this morning, without breaking his step or smile deadpan he announced 1470 and I used to worry about serving 40!

2) We had entered an obviously occupied bedroom, (under the guise of housekeeping). Part of the bedroom show-around is to ask if we can look in the wardrobes. With great flourish, having explained new down lighting had been fitted and would operate when the wardrobe doors were opened (this was revolutionary in the early 80’s), out fell a full sized blow-up doll. If you had been there you would have witnessed two seemingly professional gentlemen, in hysterics, with tears of laughter rolling down their faces trying to push this thing back into the wardrobe, “Part of a new range of bedroom accessories? I remarked this started the hysterics thing off again!"


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