Proud to be in partnership with SilverDoor

We are absolutely delighted to have gained recommended accreditation supplier status with international serviced apartments provider, SilverDoor.

Officially announced last night (Wednesday 26 February 2020) at an industry event, Quality in Tourism is one of two chosen accredited bodies to actively partner with SilverDoor.

As part of their ethical commitment SilverDoor state that “The safety of our clients is paramount to us and we want to ensure that all of our suppliers are meeting essential minimum standards.”  After researching the market, SilverDoor noticed an increase in client concern regarding health & safety requirements and assurance and as a result have been developing a clear strategy to retain the high standards that their brand and properties have become well known for.

SilverDoor has introduced new forms of compliance which they will phasing into their deals with property partners, alongside this they will be actively promoting our Safe, Clean and LegalTM accreditation too.

We are really excited to be working with SilverDoor and if you would like more information about the schemes and how they work, please complete our contact form here.  

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