Empty property checklist

If your property has been left empty for the last few months, now is the time to go and check the fixture and fittings and to minimise any future maintenance works that may be needed as well as preparing for new guest arrivals.

Below is our checklist on things to consider for your property.

  • Is the outside refuse area clean, tidy and rubbish free? (to avoid infestations)
  • Are the outside areas/ gardens as tidy as possible?  (reputation and security)
  • Clear all post from letter box and mat (security)
  • If possible while you are visiting the property, open all window and doors to get fresh air running through the accommodation
  • Turn on mains water if has been off and run through all your taps for about two minutes to ensure there is no standing water in both your taps and shower heads (to avoid Legionnaire disease)
  • Check your boiler and heating is in full working order
  • Check all your fire alarms and fire equipment
  • Check all light bulbs in the property are working
  • Check all electrical equipment is working including remote controls
  • Check all internal walls are mould and damp free
  • Empty and clean all internal bins
  • Remove all bedding and pillows including protectors and up end all your mattress (this allows air to circulate and avoid damp issues)
  • Wash your bedding on a 60 degree wash, dry and place in an air tight container ready for the next use
  • Check curtains are mould free; remove and clean if possible
  • Dust all ornaments, place in boxes and put away
  • Check all surfaces are clean with no traces of damp or mould
  • Remove shower curtain and wash
  • Flush the toilet to remove stagnant water
  • Ensure all bathroom tiles and walls are dry and mould free
  • Check the bathroom air vent is working and dust free
  • Check all kitchen cupboards are dry and damp free
  • Check that the cooker hood is dust and fat free
  • Check the washing machine is in working order and run a hot cycle
  • Check the dishwasher is in working order and run a hot cycle
  • Remove any food or condiments left in the cupboards and place in the bin
  • Check cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment are clean, run through the dishwasher if necessary (ensuring the all items are completely dry before placing away)
  • Vacuum the property through to remove as much dust and debris as possible
  • Contact your registered supplier if you have a hot tub for their recommendations during this period
  • Leave all internal doors ajar if possible to allow air circulation
  • Shut and secure all window and doors on exit

Our Safe, Clean & LegalTM accreditation has been updated to reflect updated COVID-19 requirements and includes cleaning protocols, guidelines for your accommodation sector and a risk assessment template to complete.  We are able to help & support you through the risk assessment, which we will then review and arrange to visit the property as and when the restrictions lift.

For more information visit our Safe, Clean & Legal page

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