Assessor Snapshot: It's all in the detail...

Our latest Assessor Snapshot explains the importance of attention to detail especially when it comes to cleanliness.

Recently we had an assessor visit an accommodation provider who had extractor fans in rooms and bathrooms - personally they said that they are not a fan of the non-stop air extraction that goes on all night. However in most cases there is very logical reason for it - preventing condensation and therefore reduces the chance of mould which is definitely a good thing, however the attention to detail on this one speaks for itself:

Our assessor explained that if you do have to endure such a system, there is absolutely no excuse for not cleaning them. In this case this unit was over the bath at ceiling height and as you can understand is not an easy reach for the vertically challenged, however there are many extendable cleaning product available!

Do you have extractor fans in your accommodation, what are your best tips to get them sparkly clean? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


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