New online payment method

Quality in Tourism have introduced a new online method of payment for all their customers. The new payment method provides benefits for accommodation providers in making the process quicker and allowing the member to book in an assessment sooner. The process dramatically speeds up the process as membership fees are paid quicker and the need to wait for application forms is taken away. James Ardley, Marketing Officer at QIT explains: “Accommodation providers no longer have to wait for application forms or wait for us to contact them about taking a payment. The new online payment system not only benefits us but also our clients, we want to make potential members aware of the service that is being offered and that it will be a faster process for them.” In an additional step to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, the new method of payment is greener as there are no application forms or paperwork to complete. James added: “From start to finish the entire process is more effective and efficient, the application can be done online within minutes which means less phone calls, less paper and less confusion. The ease of payment seems to be what our clients are pleased with the most as they can receive an assessment faster.”
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