National Walking Month - May

National Walking Month took place last month and with many of our members offering facilities for walkers in their accommodation this seemed like an appropriate topic for us. A number of our members also have our Walkers Welcome Scheme, which provides members with a recognised logo and gives guests the re-assurance that the establishment will have the facilities they need.  The Walkers Welcome Scheme has a number of different requirements such as providing a separate space for drying outdoor clothing and footwear; they are also required to provide a first aid kit and information on the local amenities. So, if your accommodation has the facilities necessary for the Walkers Welcome Scheme why not consider the scheme for your accommodation? It gives your establishment another key target audience to attract and could help increase the number of bookings, into your establishment.  The scheme helps gives guests peace of mind that if the establishment has a Walkers Welcome Scheme they will have the facilities required after a long day.   Many tourists up and down the country choose walking holidays every year, so if your accommodation is near a particular walking trail or on a walking route then the Walkers Welcome Scheme maybe just what your business needs.    If you would like to find out more about the Walkers Welcome scheme please contact us on 0845 300 6996 or email
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