How to stay safe online

More and more people are using the internet on a daily basis for both personal and professional use, however, the more often people use the internet, the more complacent people become when it comes to how safely. This is something that can be potentially dangerous, especially with the recent rise in cyber crime. Our partners at SuperControl take cyber security very seriously and their Security Administrator has pulled together some excellent advice to help you and your business stay safe online when logging on and off on important websites:
  1. Use your own computer: Do not log in to bank accounts (or other important accounts) from publicly available computers such as an internet cafe or library computers.
  2. Encrypting: When you want to log on to online banking, for instance, type “” instead of “”. This ensures you use an encrypted connection. In most cases, you will be redirected to a secure web page, but not always. Otherwise, during the first phase of the connection (when you typed the attacker can intercept and redirect you to a phishing webpage.
  3. Check the dates: After you’ve logged on, check your last logon date. If it does not match, change your password and security question immediately.
  4. Open one page only: Do not open other web pages while you are logged into an important website.
  1. If in doubt: Never write personal or other valuable data in websites if you’re not sure for what purpose such data is required.
  2. Logging off: When you’re finished, make sure you properly log off. If you just close the browser tab or close the browser, it may allow others to use pending sessions.
And there you have it, six top tips to help you log in and out of your important accounts safely. For more information about SuperControl and their excellent self catering resources, please visit their website here.
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