Hotel Therapy: How to make your guests happy.

As a hospitality professional, you are more than likely trying to improve your guest’s experiences and ensure that they’re happy on a continual basis. With new trends evolving daily and customer expectations changing frequently what are the best ways to keep your guests happy? Surprisingly, accommodation providers can learn from medical research as well as generic industry advice. Over the past ten years, psychological medical journals have recognised key tips on how hormones can affect your mood and your overall happiness. Top quality customer satisfaction and loyalty can stimulate guest’s hormones making them feel happy and of course, more likely to enjoy their stay with you. Here are some useful tips to help keep your guests happy with a little help from psychology:
  1. First name basis: Getting to know your guests and calling them by their first name will show how much you value them.  The same should go for your staff; after all happy staff can provide a great influence towards your guest’s happiness too!
  2. Listen: Be sure to listen to your new and returning guests. For example if you have a returning guest who enjoyed their previous stay, be proactive and reserve the same room for them. This will trigger a hormone release for the guest knowing that you’ve remembered them and what they enjoyed about their stay the last time. It is also important to make a little time to try and sit and talk with your guests, this will allow them to share stories of their lives with you and vice versa, overall boosting morale.
  3. Lifestyle choices: A great way to ensure guest happiness is to have plenty of seating inside to allow interaction with others as well as seating outside for guests to have the choice to top up on Vitamin D. Try advertising local comedy shows in your lobby, the expectation of laughter and fun can increase happy hormone levels and you could also advertise local bike hire centres, walking routes and spa facilities to promote gentle exercise that will ultimately release positive endorphins.
  4. Treats: The shake of a hand can be great for customer morale; a little touch can go a long way and is a great way to complete the checking in or out process. Also giving that little bit extra such as a free birthday cake or a little treat for a special occasion can trigger a happy hormone release.
How do you ensure your guests are happy? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please contact us on Twitter @qualitytourism or by email
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