What do your guests really want?

Chocolates on pillows, snazzy coffee machines and fancy toiletries are all lovely when checking in to a hotel but they certainly have no match against your cleanliness.

A recent report from the Institute of Hospitality and P&G Professional found that 72% of guests would leave a negative online review if their hotel was unclean – regardless of any little luxuries. Such reviews can have a damaging effect on your business’ reputation and risks you losing potential new and repeat bookings.

Bob Cotton OBE has spent a lifetime in the hospitality industry and is a member of the P&G Professional Expert Advisory Council. His investment tips for hospitality success are not glossy interior designs or menu revamps… but simply to invest in your cleanliness.

Ensuring that your bedrooms, bathrooms, dining and public areas are spotless is not just a basic but an absolute must. By investing in your staff to make sure that they are trained to their best and providing the right equipment and cleaning materials will guarantee a boost in productivity and ultimately profits. After all, it is your skilled staff that make your hospitality business successful, not the new piece of artwork in the hall.

Cotton also advocates regular mystery hotel guest visits, tasking them with staying one night a month and submitting a comprehensive report for management. Housekeepers and hotel managers should sleep in their hotel as often as possible to understand the guest experience. 

Quality in Tourism offers a mystery shopping service, which supports numerous hospitality businesses across the UK.  To find out more please visit here.

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