Top 5 drinks that avoid the Sugar Tax

The ground-breaking Sugar Tax came into force in the UK this April which means that manufacturers now have to pay a levy on the sugary drinks that they produce. Although the levy is being applied to the manufacturers, it is not yet clear whether they will choose to pass this onto the consumers.

As Sugar Tax is in the forefront of many hospitality providers minds this month, it got us thinking about some cost-effective healthier alternatives to sugary fruit juices and soft drinks that you can look to offer your guests.

Here are our top five sugary drink alternatives:

1. Fruit Salad Smoothies: Left over fruit salad can make an excellent breakfast smoothie for your guests. Blitz with water, adding frozen berries for some extra 'zing' or a banana for a rich creamy texture - delicious and sugar free!

2. Have it on tap...literally: Supply fresh chilled water flavoured with delicious chunks of watermelon, cucumber and a couple of sprigs of refreshing.

3. Fresh Juices: Invest in a citrus juicer, stock up on some delicious citrus fruits and get your squeeze on to offer guests a freshly squeezed glass of zingy juice. 

4. Iced tea...not as American as you think: Why not try offering an iced tea with a British twist? Try a weak Earl Grey, lots of ice and wedge of fresh lemon and hey presto... Afternoon Tea in a glass, what could be more quintessentially English?

5. Be bang on trend: Add some refreshing alternatives to your drinks menu such as coconut water and aloe vera water. They're bang on trend and have numerous health benefits too!

So there you have it! Our top five Sugar Free drinks that will help to avoid the Sugar Tax as well as offer your guests with some delightful alternatives to soft drinks.

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