The need for a Hospitality Minister: Have your say

A debate will take place in Parliament on 11 January to consider the need for a Hospitality Minister.  Leaders within the sector are calling for anyone working within the industry to lobby their MP, sign the petition and have your say. 

The creation of the minister for hospitality role will be the opportunity for the industry to be properly recognised for the important role that the sector plays in UKPLC, the millions of jobs that it supports and the innovative approach from the thousands of SME’s.

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said: "We need to act as our own cheerleader and present an unambiguously united and vocal front. This is an opportunity to highlight how much we mean to our staff and our customers and a chance to show the overwhelming support we have across the country."

She added that it would be "an open goal for us to hammer home the importance of hospitality and ensure that we are totally at the forefront of Parliament's mind".

Chef-restaurateur Tom Kerridge said that the industry was now "vulnerable and weak" with a desperate need for a focal point.

He added: "Any industry that employs so many people and is as integral as the engine room for pulling this country out of the depths of coronavirus, Brexit and the recession, must have its own focal point that pierces to the heart of Westminster."

Director of Quality in Tourism, Deborah Heather says “The effect of the pandemic on people’s mental health, with an inability to mix and socialise with friends and family, shows the importance that hospitality plays in each of our lives.  Having a voice in Parliament is so incredibly important for the industry.  Someone who can champion the industry; showcasing the need to relax with responsible operators who are protecting the public; allowing them to mix with family and friends in safe environments, bringing back the happiness factor, as well as getting the economy going is vital to our future success.”

The campaign has now amassed around 185,000 signatures. Even though the date of the debate is secured the industry is being urged to continue to lobby their local MP and ask all those who haven't yet, to sign the petition.

Get involved

Sign the petition at:

Follow the #seatatthetable social media accounts. By liking, sharing and commenting on its posts, you can help share the message.

Let your team and suppliers know about the campaign and encourage them to sign the petition.

Contact your customers to ask them to support your business by signing the petition.