Celebrating Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea is a very popular tradition in the UK and many people looking for an extra special experience or a spot of relaxation will head to one of the many hospitality providers to enjoy tea and cakes in the mid afternoon...but, where did the tradition come from?

The history of Afternoon Tea...

The creation of Afternoon Tea is down to the Duchess of Bedford in the 1840s, she was tired of waiting for dinner after lunch and felt she needed a boost to get her through the rest of the day. The Duchess’s daily afternoon order of a cup of tea, soon also required a few sweet and savoury treats. This then grew into a full-blown social affair with her friends invited to join her, where they would sit and enjoy tea and cakes all bejewelled in their finery. By the mid-nineteenth century, afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes, scones, cream and jam was a common occurrence amongst those with the time and money to indulge.

Which is dolloped first...jam or cream?

According to Debrett’s, the UK’s leading authority on etiquette, jam should be dolloped first on a scone. However, this is unlikely to satisfy the inhabitants of Cornwall and Devon who will no doubt still argue for many years to come about the correct way to serve the scones. But whatever is your choice, one point of etiquette is clear - the cream must always be clotted never whipped, says the National Cream Tea Society. 

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