Assessor Snapshot: B&B – or sharing Economy?

One of our assessors recently had one of those awkward journeys to plan which involved getting to and from meetings with the added dilemma of organising where to stay near a large event venue without paying massively over the odds!

Eventually our assessor managed to book a B&B 30 minutes away from the venue, with great feedback and not so ridiculously priced on are basically a platform, competing in the Airbnb market and representing a whole cross section of hospitality businesses including accommodation and experiences.   The accommodation booked was a 3 bedroomed property operating as a B&B; which included two rooms in an external buildings in the garden and one room in the house.

Our assessor was a little bemused by the notice to check-in between 3-4pm post purchase this was going to be difficult because of her trip from Newcastle that could have led to all sorts of delays. This issue brought up the question of transparency again.

Our assessor found that the property wasn’t a B&B after all, in her view it was more like a sharing economy room, a room in a house. She could even hear the television from the owners lounge there were personal items everywhere and even had breakfast with the owners’ daughter. The property owner knew exactly what she was doing,  they talked about EHO inspections and the quality of the accommodation was exceptional . It would be argued that a B&B would be a 5 – 12 bedroomed property with owners living onsite but not necessarily sharing the space of the guests. The level of transparency on these sites for busy consumers, is  unclear and descriptors around properties are in somewhat in the eyes of the beholders.

It is understandable that some of the soulless corporates hotels still get business whilst consumers can still not trust descriptors of properties. By calling out special conditions, being transparent when describing a property will surely drive customer satisfaction…

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