79% of consumers expect cleanliness accreditation from their accommodation provider before they travel...

79% of consumers will expect any accommodation they book in the next few months to have an independent accreditation for its cleaning standards, before they will book for travel. That's according to research that we commissioned with the BVA / BDRC as part of their COVID sentiment tracking. The survey, which went to 1,761 participants, considered what future guests will be looking for in the post-pandemic travel world. The question asked: "assume you are going on a trip in the next few months, how important are the following points when booking your accommodation?" with responses as follows:

The property has a recognised accreditation for its cleaning standards:

  • 54% selected that this was "Very Important"
  • 25% selected that this was "Important"
  • Just 3% selected that this was "Not important at all".

Sanitising hand gel or wipes are available throughout the property:

  • 56% selected that this was "Very Important"
  • 21% selected that this was "Important"
  • Just 3% selected that this was "Not important at all".

Social distancing is enforced at the property:

  • 54% selected that this was "Very Important"
  • 23% selected that this was "Important"
  • Just 4% selected that this was "Not important at all".

The maximum capacity at the property is reduced:

  • 48% selected that this was "Very Important"
  • 25% selected that this was "Important"
  • Just 4% selected that this was "Not important at all".

As well as focusing on what they expect of accommodation providers, survey respondents were also clear that any accreditation given to a provider should be independent and include an inspection, with 64% highlighting that spot checks by the accreditation body are essential. They also highlighted that they would want cleaners to be following specific cleaning procedures, with 75% selecting this as essential.

Our Safe, Clean & Legal™ accreditation has been in place since 2018 and provides reassurance to guests that the accommodation provider has committed to all of these standards and more. As well as being an independent accreditation with an inspection of every property, it also requires scheme participants to commit to and prove specific cleaning protocols (which have been enhanced to specifically account for COVID risk), risk assessments to ensure guest safety, and in a specific post-pandemic world also includes features around social distancing, availability of sanitisation products and capacity of the property.

For guests, Safe, Clean & Legal™ provides reassurance that the accommodation provider is committed to and has been checked against appropriate, nationally-recognised standards. For the accommodation provider, Safe, Clean & Legal™ provides clear and relevant best practice protocols, along with a face-to-face inspection to ultimately provide reassurance to your guests.

When asked in our survey to quantify what a logo like Safe, Clean & Legal™ represents to them when booking, the respondents answered:

  • 75% are reassured that the provider meets legal standards
  • 73% are reassured that the property is cleaned to the highest standard
  • 68% felt that it demonstrates the property is safe
  • 68% said it would give them confidence to book as a result.

Deborah Heather, Director of Quality in Tourism comments "As the industry is unregulated, we have been working for over two decades to carry out independent, quality gradings which give accommodation providers the support that they need to be excellent at what they do, and give guests the reassurance that an operator is high quality and legitimate. We developed Safe, Clean & Legal™ a few years ago to specifically assess safety and minimum standards, but the scheme has seen renewed interest and additional relevance for the post-pandemic world."

She continues "We worked with BVA / BDRC to understand the sentiment of consumers and the great news is, Safe, Clean & Legal™ already validates all of the things which are important to post-pandemic guests and in fact goes far beyond their expectations."

To find out more about Safe, Clean & Legal™ and how to join the scheme, please visit our SCL page.

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