Guide to drawing in Millennials to your accommodation

Millennials are now the largest demographic on earth and have even surpassed the Baby Boomer numbers. The Millennial population, people who are ages 19 to 34 in 2016 obviously prefer different things when compared to their predecessors. Research has shown that Millennials like to spend their money on experiences and not ‘things’ and they seek immediate gratification. They are also known as the most tech-savvy generation yet and it can be difficult to draw them into your accommodation. We’ve compiled a short list of tips to help your accommodation appeal to this group of consumers: - Free Breakfast:Complimentary breakfast is still reliable for drawing in guests of all ages. Millennials like to get the most out of their money and offering a breakfast service that is quick and easy is considered a plus.  For non-serviced providers consider a welcome pack to get them through the first day. - Technology: Whether you are a servicedornon serviced provider, offering technology is a big attractor for young guests. A strong, password protected Wi-Fi is always beneficial– consider providers who can offer a secure service whilst capturing guest’s data.  This will ensure you know who has downloaded what using your bandwidth and also market to them in the future.  We are working on this with a provider – we will provide more details when the deal is finalised! Also if you have the capacity to do so, a computer with Skype and other communication apps can be a great addition to your reception area. - Community: Millennials often look to communicate during their holiday without having to leave their accommodation. Therefore offering a community space where your guests can meet such as an open air bar or lounge area with seating is very appealing. - Social Media: When engaging with guests through social media channels, the possibilities are endless. Millennials in particular are much more connected with technology and using social media offers a perfect form of communicating your accommodation’s services. Whether it’s through an online review site such as TripAdvisor or Feefo or a social platform such as Facebook or Instagram; 40% of Millennials feel this is more trustworthy than print or TV. There you have it, four tips on how to appeal to Millennials and draw them into your B&B, hotel or self-catering establishment. If you want to find out more information or share your own tips, please get in touch with us on Twitter @QualityTourism or email us at
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