Guide to creating inspiring content for hospitality

A recent report from VisitBritain revealed the role that social media plays for holiday makers. Over the past ten years the use of social media has become much more accessible and frequently used in day to day life including when going on holiday. The report from VisitBritain showed that holiday makers and the hospitality industry have the opportunity to engage with each other at all stages of the holiday experience. With that being said, what content are holiday-makers engaging with most throughout the whole process? Quality in Tourism has written some tips on how to create inspiring and most importantly, engaging content for holiday-makers who use social media: Use inspiring imagery The VisitBritain report showed that images have the ability to instantly connect with a user on social media. When uploading an image onto social media make sure it is as authentic as possible, holiday-makers like to see the genuine destination without any filters or retouching. A mix of professional imagery works well, especially if they are both unique and through provoking and traveller perspective images are also useful to excite holiday-makers. Share upcoming events Get involved with sharing information about upcoming events or themed itineraries within the local area. Post links to the event website or social media accounts to ensure that other social media users, especially those who are on holiday will be able to access the information easily to find out more. Give ideas on what to do Giving ideas on what to do whilst in the area will inspire holiday-makers to visit your property and interact with you. You can advise your followers on what restaurants are easily accessible from your property; be sure to recommend something from the menu along with a good wine. You can even suggest a good day out for travellers such as a cost effective walk along one of the best walking routes or suggest they visit a local attraction to help support the local community. Keep it real Keep it real when posting on your social media accounts while using the tips above. In the report conducted by VisitBritain competitions and prize draws have the lowest appeal to holiday-makers who are using social media. It’s important to inspire holiday-makers and provide them with information on their destination to help increase their excitement for their holiday and of course provide support for your business too.  
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