Growth in amount of overseas visitors finding UK welcoming

A new report conducted by VisitBritain has suggested that the amount of overseas visitors who feel extremely welcome in Great Britain has doubled in five years. In 2009 the amount of visitors who felt extremely welcome in our country stood at 19 per cent, which rose to 30 per cent in 2012, however 2014 statistics show that 42 per cent of visitors feel extremely welcome. The amount of overseas visitors who felt either extremely or very welcome in Britain stands at a total of 89 per cent. Choosing a country that is perceived as welcoming is an important factor to consider when making an overseas holiday decision. Although, there are the main factors that entice overseas visitors to the UK such as the vast range of heritage and cultural sites, variable landscapes and a range of other attractions, the perceptions of the welcome overseas tourists receive while in Britain are significant. The report suggests that two in five visitors feel extremely welcome in Britain; however, there was a difference when looking at the various countries of origin. 49 per cent of visitors from other English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand said that they felt extremely welcome in Britain due to no language barrier, whereas the figure was 38 per cent of visitors from countries where English is less likely to be spoken. Over half of leisure visitors were extremely likely to recommend visiting Britain to other travellers with around one in ten saying that they are only quite likely or not likely to recommend visiting Britain. This report highlights the steps that hospitality and tourism businesses in the UK are taking to ensure that Britain remains great. Read the full report on the VisitBritain website here.
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