Facebook tips to help enhance your property profile.

When planning a trip, travellers are more likely to turn to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and review sites such as TripAdvisor to exchange information and advice about places to stay, where to eat and what attractions to visit. It is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to create and maintain a business Facebook page that provides travellers with helpful, easy to digest information about their services. Like a website, a well maintained Facebook page can tell your property’s story with the use of regular posts. The use of imagery as well as providing Facebook users with your contact information is a great way to encourage guests to come and stay with you. Quality in Tourism has pulled together a list of essential tips to ensure that you’re making the most of your business Facebook page and what to do if you’ve yet to set one up. Set up a Facebook page... Firstly, (if you haven’t already) ensure that you have a business page set up for your accommodation; this will enable other Facebook users to recognise your services. Having a page will help your accommodation to come up in the search engine results as well as in the social media platform, enhancing your overall Search Engine Optimisation of your business. Time management... Determine how much time you are willing to spend on updating your Facebook page each week. For smaller hotels and B&Bs it may be more suitable to spend an hour or two per week, whereas larger hotels may decide to dedicate many more. If you are unsure on how much to spend monitoring the page, login once a day to see whether you’ve had any interactions or messages - Remember, if you don’t have time to post regularly every day, you can schedule posts to be published during the week. Page users... Having a team of staff members from different departments including reception staff and the kitchen staff, is a great way to collate interesting content and new ideas. You can introduce weekly social media meetings to collate ideas or select team members as administrators of the business page to allow them to post content directly when they have an idea. Applications... Your Facebook page has the ability to connect with other social networks, including Twitter and TripAdvisor. To do this, search the app feed and click on the application you’d like to add. Adding your TripAdvisor listing is a great way to highlight your reviews and encourage your Facebook followers to write reviews on your business page. Maintenance... Of course, setting up a Facebook profile is just the beginning and there are many factors that need to be completed in order to keep the page maintained and build your page likes and followers. Ensure that you ask guests to like your page and even your employees, suppliers and industry partners too! If you haven’t already, contact your website company to add the various social media icons to your website.
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