Experience trend to transform tourism industry

A new report has found that travellers seeking to have bespoke experiences will transform the hotel and tourism industries. The Hotels Megatrends’ report conducted by estate agents Savills found that social media was helping to shape the way people choose to travel. In the report it was also suggested that facial recognition software may be more commonly used to speed up the check-in process and that 3D technology will allow travellers to interact in real time. It was also mentioned within the report that room sizes are expected to shrink to help accommodation create more communal spaces. Polarisation in online and offline accommodations is also expected with a strong distinction between hi tech and offline accommodation for those looking for a ‘digital detox’. Eco-tourism was predicted ‘becoming a way of life’ due to 75% of baby-boomers and millennials saying that they would travel more sustainable without compromising on their comfort. George Nicholas, global head of hotels at Savills said “Young travellers prioritise ‘experience’ and creating bespoke trips to maximise their leisure time, making them dubious of impersonal hotels and of following well-trodden tourist trials. Alongside this you have the already well-travelled baby boomers who are not willing to compromise on comfort or experience as they grow older.” Nicholas also added “Hotels therefore will need to focus on what they can provide that is truly unique and how they can tailor and personalise their offer, be that for a 22-year-old single travellers or a 65-year-old couple, to continue to capture their customer in 2030.” What are your thoughts on this article? What experiences do you offer to your guests? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, let us know on Twitter by tagging @QualityTourism.
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