Energy Saving Week Day Two - Water Heating

We‘re working with our energy partner, npower, to bring you tailored energy advice during the QIT Energy Saving Week. Yesterday we found out how important heating is to your energy bills. Today we’re bringing you another hot topic as we talk about water heating. Hot water is essential but it can lead to considerable energy costs. Water is, for most businesses, a metered and controllable resource and you could save on both water and energy costs by implementing some inexpensive efficiency measures. Set appropriate hot water temperatures - excessive heating is wasteful and could scald staff or guests. The optimum temperature for stored hot water is 60°C which is hot enough to kill Legionella bacteria and is just right for staff and guests to use. Myth: Energy conservation in hotels or other accommodation can undermine quality, reduce guest comfort and deter customers from returning. Reality: Properly implemented energy management programmes can improve guest comfort, for example, by getting room and water temperatures just right. Remember – you can save money by reducing your consumption, but you should also make sure you’ve got a good deal with your energy supplier. npower has joined forces with Quality in Tourism to create a great offer for your business – find out more at Source Hospitality - Saving energy without compromising service, Carbon Trust. Food and drink processing - Introducing energy saving opportunities for business, Carbon Trust.
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