Energy Saving Week Day Five - Air Conditioning

All week we’ve been looking at ways your business can make savings by reducing energy costs. As we hope for warm weather this weekend, let’s finish the QIT Energy Saving Week by talking about how you can make your air conditioning more efficient. The provision of fresh air at a comfortable temperature is critical to guest comfort and satisfaction, and in some areas of a building such as kitchens, adequate ventilation is essential to deal with the unpleasant side effects of odours and smoke inhalation. Supplying regular volumes of fresh, uncontaminated air is also a legal requirement under some building and health and safety regulations. To make sure you’re up to date; visit the Health and Safety Executive or the Department for Communities and Local Government. Regular cleaning of ventilation systems can increase efficiency by as much as 25% compared with un-maintained systems. Dirty or faulty fans, air ducts and components directly affect system efficiency and will increase running costs and risk of breakdown. Review the performance of the whole system annually and order replacement parts as necessary. Always consult a maintenance technician. Don’t let heating and cooling operate at the same time. This is a common problem in hotels and can be avoided by setting a temperature 'dead band' – a wide gap between the temperatures at which heating and cooling cut in. For example, heating in a hotel might switch off when the temperature reaches 19°C and cooling wouldn’t come on until the temperature exceeds 24°C. Remember – you can save money by reducing your consumption, but you should also make sure you’ve got a good deal with your energy supplier. npower has joined forces with Quality in Tourism to create a great offer for your business – find out more at If you are a member of the scheme and would like to find out more information with regards to other suppliers in the Affinity Scheme then please login to the members area and visit the Quality Benefits tab. Source Hospitality - Saving energy without compromising service, Carbon Trust. Food and drink processing - Introducing energy saving opportunities for business, Carbon Trust.
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