Boost bookings by responding to online reviews

New research by TripAdvisor has shown that accommodation providers who respond to online reviews generate up to four times more page view than those who don’t respond. Over 12,000 properties in the top 25 traffic markets had their data analysed and four global hotel chain executives were interviewed. The study found that the accommodation providers who respond to at least 25 per cent of their reviews create a ‘virtuous cycle’, in which the business is more likely to make improvements, overall leading to more positive reviews and a potential boost in bookings. The report said “when well planned and executed, the result of this ‘virtuous cycle’ is an accommodation provider highly attuned to its guests’ insights and nimble in its ability to respond and act on feedback as required.” The report also said “Businesses who post more than 10 images generate more page views on their listing compared to those with fewer images.” Do you respond to the reviews on your TripAdvisor listing? Have you experienced a boost in sales by doing so? Share your experiences with us at
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