Behavioural Techniques for handling reviews

More than 300 million people use TripAdvisor every month to share their experiences with accommodation providers and attractions. Often unregulated and unwarranted reviews can damage a brand and although you will never avoid negative reviews there are a number of behavioural techniques you can implement to handle them. Here are some of the behavioural techniques you can use to help avoid and effectively manage any negative reviews and comments:
  • LISTEN to your guests: When you have a guest that wants to complain, always allow them to finish communicating their issues. This will allow you to receive full information and your guest will also feel as though they’re being listened to, which can go a long way.
  • Give them YOUR time: Always give your guests your time, even when you are busy, which we know is often the case running accommodation. Yet offering your guest just three minutes of your time to help with a complaint or a request is much better than receiving a terrible review on TripAdvisor!
  • TONE of voice: When your guest has communicated their complaint, before responding think about your tone. It really helps to be as warm, humble and empathetic as you can.
  • Building RAPPORT: It is important to try and build an emotional connection with your guest and by handling their complaint in an understanding and positive manner will make them recall their issue from a different perspective.
  • Acceptance: Accepting negative feedback can be hard however looking to justify the issues or change a guest’s opinion will only make them more frustrated. Accepting the complaint and sourcing a solution will go much further in their eyes.
  • Be grateful: Be grateful when a guest brings an issue to you as at least you have got the chance to put it right before they log in to TripAdvisor...
Remember, online review sites can work wonders for your business and offers another platform for you to grow; it’s not just a platform for people to complain. Do you enjoy being on TripAdvisor, do you have a strategy for dealing with negative comments? Let us know by getting in touch on Twitter @qualitytourism.
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