American Tourists to spend more in UK following Brexit

Results from a recent survey show that the weakened pound could see US tourists spending an extra £1bn in the UK next year. A survey completed by 2,007 US customers on hotel booking site, TravelZoo found that one third of the respondents were considering travelling to the UK in 2017. The US is already one of the UK’s top inbound tourism markets and the American site reported a 35 per cent rise in searches for UK destinations compared to last year. American travellers spent £3bn in the UK last year and associate professor at Bournemouth University, Dr Yeganeh Morakabati predicts that the figure could rise due to the falling pound following the Brexit vote. Morakabati said “American visitors spent over £3bn in the UK in 2015, even with a less favourable exchange rate between the dollar and the GBP. A 35 per cent increase in American tourist arrivals to the UK, would mean at least an extra £1bn spending.” Although the tourism industry faced dire warning prior to the Brexit vote, a recent UK Inbound Survey showed that business confidence in the sector is at a 12 month high.
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