A day in the life of a Quality Assessor

We recently had one of our Quality Assessors write about their daily role. Here’s what a normal week in the life of a Quality in Tourism Assessor looks like: “Monday morning, packed and ready to go. Laptop – check; files – check; Standards books – check; petrol in car - check! First visit is a two hour drive away, down the motorway and along winding country lanes.   Thank heavens for SatNav… Arriving at the cottage on time, the elderly owners greet me. They called me recently after last year’s visit when new bed linen was recommended, to get advice on what type and quality to buy. The cottage is comfy and cosy, a nice 3*, and although a higher rating is not the owners’ aim, they are keen to consolidate the current rating and keep improving. With some redecoration completed since the last visit, the owners were very pleased to keep their three stars. A recommendation this year was replacement of crockery and cutlery– a couple of chipped plates and a bent fork or two in the kitchen! Easily overlooked but that’s what I’m there for. Leaving the property after an hour or so,it was straight to a B&B in the next village (giving way to a flock of sheep crossing the road en-route). A day visit this year, a B&B, I hadn’t been to before but I’d done my homework. Owners here have had a very busy season and are planning some improvements over the winter; they’re working towards a Gold Accolade next year. Although overall to a very good standard and meeting a 4* rating comfortably, suggestions for improvement included rearrangement of furniture in one room to increase space and comfort, improving lighting in all rooms and replacing bed linens. We had coffee in the lounge while discussing the planned refurbishment, but no biscuits as the dog had beaten us to them much to the owners’ embarrassment! On to my overnight visit, a 4* hotel on a warning for low scoring service and hospitality. The website check prior to the visit confirmed directions, and I arrived shortly after 2.30pm. I think I’m still incognito! Afternoon tea on the terrace was lovely, though I keep working while eating, updating today’s visits. Statutory checks completed in my room, (including a very thorough cleanliness check - recalling the housekeeper’s horror on a visit when a Christmas Cracker was found under a bed in July) gave me an appetite for dinner which was good.  Service and hospitality had improved significantly since recommendations made at the last visit, which is good to see.  Back to my room to complete and print report so far ready for tomorrow.  Lights out at midnight, after testing night porter service – a hot chocolate which I didn’t want but needed to order as part of the assessment. The next day the breakfast and debrief with the hotel manager went well. Rating was confirmed at 4* and the critique on improved service elements was well received. Off to my next visits……glad there’s a pool at tonight’s hotel; I need to work off all that food! Looking forward to getting home on Friday afternoon – just another normal week in the life of an assessor!” For more information on how to gain a quality assessment for your business please visit our website of call us to discuss your requirements.
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