Self catering

Self catering quality standards are appropriate for all accommodation with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Most take bookings by the week, generally from a Friday or Saturday but short breaks are increasingly common.

All aspects of the self-catering property will be given a Quality Score as part of the assessment process.

Where terms such as ’adequate‘, ’good‘, ’very good‘ etc are used, these signify ascending levels of quality in broad terms only.  They are deliberately non-specific recognising the wide variety of quality elements that could be included in the quality scoring.  Our assessors have been trained to score quality in exactly the same way. They are also trained to ignore their personal preferences.  Scores are aggregated for all the sections to give an overall score for the property, which is then expressed as a percentage of the maximum possible score.

This quality percentage is then used to help determine the One to Five Star rating. To obtain a higher star rating an establishment will provide an enhanced quality across all areas – exterior, cleanliness, management efficiency, public areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and WCs, kitchen, additional facilities. Our research indicates that quality is of key importance to visitors. In addition to the enhanced quality there are certain key requirements that must also be met.