This category includes Bunkhouses, Camping Barns, Backpacker, Group (such as Youth Hostel Accommodation) and Activity Accommodation.

New Owner/Selling your business? Please note, if and when an establishment is sold, participation in the scheme does not automatically continue. Please contact our helpline on 0845 300 6996 if you are selling your business or if you are a new owner who wishes to find out the rules regarding change of ownership.

These Scheme Designators have been specifically developed to help consumers understand the different types of accommodation that are currently available. (Please note, the designator is discussed at the time of the assessment with the assessor)


These are very similar in style to a hostel, but may be run on a less formal basis i.e. 24 hour access. They are often more appropriate for longer-term independent travellers and the younger end of the market, rather than family groups.

Group Accommodation

Star rated accommodation often in shared rooms with bunk beds. Predominantly group bookings only accepted, with the option of fully serviced or self-catering.

Activity Accommodation

Star rated accommodation normally provided on a group basis. The establishment will also offer fully certified or licensed activities. The establishment may be fully serviced or self-catering.


Rural accommodation, which can be booked by groups or individuals. Services and facilities may be limited, but will include a self-catering facility.

Camping Barn

These establishments provide very simple accommodation in a rural setting, often referred to as 'stone tents'. They have the advantage of being spacious and dry. Visitors should normally expect to bring their own sleeping bags and cooking equipment. Groups or individual travellers may be accepted.

Review the Quality Standard relating to your category to check that you are happy with what we take into account at the time of the assessment.

Check the fees and benefits section to work out the costs involved.

Complete the application form provided and return it to Quality in Tourism along with your total payment, which must be made payable to Quality in Tourism. We are also able to accept credit/debit card payments, BACs payments and payments by direct debit.

Alternatively you can use the Hostel Online Application , Bunkhouse Online Application or Camping Barn Online Application

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