In this category, Guest Accommodation properties are likely to be smaller than hotels with more of a family home feel and approach in most cases. There is also a tendency for these establishments to have a less structured service.

New Owner/Selling your business? Please note, if and when an establishment is sold, participation in the scheme does not automatically continue. Please contact our helpline on 0845 300 6996 if you are selling your business or if you are a new owner to find out the rules regarding change of ownership.

These Scheme Designators have been specifically developed to help consumers understand the different types of accommodation that are currently available. (Please note, the designator is discussed at the time of the assessment with the assessor)


Accommodation provided in a private house, run by the owner, with no more than six paying guests.

Guest House

This is accommodation provided for more than six paying guests and run on a more commercial basis than a B&B. These establishments usually offer more services, including features such as a dinner offering, which are provided by staff as well as the owner.


B&B or Guesthouse accommodation provided on a working farm or smallholding.


Accommodation that is provided in a fully licensed establishment. The bar will be open to non-residents and provide food in the evenings.

Restaurant with Rooms

This is a destination restaurant offering overnight accommodation, however the restaurant is considered as the main business and open to non-residents. The restaurant should offer a high standard of food and restaurant service, at least five nights a week, and also have an alcohol licence. The property may have no more than a maximum of 12 bedrooms.

Guest Accommodation

Any establishment that meets the minimum entry requirements is eligible for this general sub category.

Room Only

Accommodation that may or may not offer breakfast. This offering may be annexed and is likely to be fully ensuite. If breakfast is offered, this may be in the form of a tray placed in the room in the fridge, a breakfast pack that is available for separate purchase or a continental self-service option.

  • Review the Quality Standard relating to your category to check that you are happy with what we take in to account at the time of the assessment.
  • Check the fees and benefits leaflet below to work out the costs involved or use our helpful Guest Accommodation Fees Calculator
  • Complete the application form provided and return it to Quality in Tourism along with your total payment, which must be made payable to Quality in Tourism. We are also able to accept credit/debit card payments, BACs payments and payments by direct debit. Alternatively you can use the Guest Accommodation Online Application
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Hotel and Guest Accommodation score sheetPDF, 213kb
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Please note that any costs that are produced by this calculator are based on the accuracy of the information that you provide. To assist you further, please use this calculator in conjunction with the appropriate fees and benefit information, which is relevant to the scheme you are interested in, so that you are aware of any specific terms and conditions that may apply.

In the event of an incorrect fee calculation, which has been based on the information provided, we reserve the right to amend the fee accordingly on receipt of payment. If you would prefer to check the fee prior to application please call our helpline on 0845 300 6996.

The participation fee is paid on an annual basis and your joining fee is only applicable in Year 1.

To download our Direct Debit mandate and FAQ please click here.

Guest Accommodation Calculator