The National Accessible Scheme (NAS) is the only scheme that rates the accessibility of visitor accommodation throughout England.

The NAS helps accommodation operators improve and promote their true level of accessibility.

Many travellers with access needs struggle to find suitable places to stay; the NAS allows these people to make an informed choice.

With one in four (27.2%) of the UK population having a long-standing health problem or disability, achieving an NAS rating will open a business’ doors to a wider range of potential visitors.

What are the benefits?

• Standards booklet – the complete guide to improving your accessibility, including: detailed checklists for you to work through, diagrams, supplier contacts and more.

• Access Assessment – carried out by a professional assessor offering advice and support on how to improve the business.

• Written Report – outlining strengths and areas for improvement.

• Official Ratings Logo(s) – unlimited use of the NAS logo(s).

In a recent survey of disabled travellers, 62% said that the National Accessible Scheme would positively influence their decision to visit London.

How does it work?

Standards for serviced, self-catering accommodation and holiday parks cover three types of impairment: mobility, hearing and visual.  Businesses can choose whether to be recognised for one, two or all three of these areas.

It is not all about wheelchairs – even if a business has steps to the front door or no ground floor bedrooms it can still achieve a rating. Check out the mobility entry-level rating: ‘One step ahead’.


One Step Ahead - The Standard to help you accommodate older and less mobile guests1700kb
National Accessible Scheme Standards for Serviced, Self Catering, Hostel and Campus Accommodation3.30mb
National Accessible Scheme Standards for Holiday, Touring & Camping Parks and Caravan Holiday Homes3.41mb
Additional Schemes Leaflet - Welcome Schemes & National Accessible Scheme600kb