This scheme covers Hotel Boats offering serviced accommodation for one or more nights across England’s waterways. The star ratings awarded reflect a combination of service, facilities and the overall quality and comfort of the boat.

New Owner/Selling your business? Please note, if and when an establishment is sold, participation in the scheme does not automatically continue. Please contact our helpline on 0845 300 6996 if you are selling your business or if you are a new owner who wishes to find out the process regarding change of ownership.

Hotel Boats are generally Narrowboats that are worked by a crew, allowing guests to relax and only help if they choose to. Hotel Boats can be booked by individuals or groups and provide all of the services of a hotel.





  • Review the Quality Standard relating to your category to check that you are happy with what we take in to account at the time of the assessment.
  • Complete the application form provided and return it to Quality in Tourism along with your total payment, which must be made payable to Quality in Tourism. We are also able to accept credit/debit card payments, BACs payments and payments by direct debit.
Hotel Boat StandardsPDF, 1.6Mb
ApplicationPDF, 139kb
Direct Debit MandatePDF, 159kb
Change of OwnershipPDF, 29kb