Advice & Support

What is an advisory visit?

If you are the new owner of an establishment or currently in the process of planning a major refurbishment, or want advice around improving the quality an advisory visit is the ideal opportunity to discuss your plans with an experienced quality advisor.

One of our fully qualified assessors will pre-assess your establishment to determine the scheme that is most suitable to you and the star grading that you could potentially achieve. The advisory visit is specifically tailored to suit your needs so we will advise you of the changes you can make to help you achieve your desired outcome.

These visits by Quality in Tourism are always undertaken by fully qualified Quality Assessors, who are able to offer you helpful advice about your specific establishment.

Benefits of an Advisory Visit

  • One of our advisory visits will provide you with valuable feedback and suggestions that you can then put in place before a quality assessment. It will also highlight the star rating your establishment could potentially achieve.
  • We can help your company save money and help you to achieve a higher star rating by telling you exactly what updates would be most effective for your establishment, rather than you embarking on a costly large scale refurbishment.
  • As the price of the advisory visit is based upon the size of your property, we can guarantee that you will receive a bespoke visit that is value for money and beneficial to your business.
  • The visit is carried out by a qualified Quality Assessor therefore you can be confident in the expert advice you receive.
  • You will receive a written report to formalise the quality advice and suggestions made during the visit

The Advisory Process

Step 1 – Application

Once we’ve received your application for a visit, an assessor will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

Step 2  – Initial Discussions

On the day of your advisory visit, our assessor will discuss with you the appropriate scheme for your establishment, exactly how it works and explain how we assess you against the standard and star rating you would like to attain. This is also an opportunity for you to tell us your plans for the future, including any refurbishment or remedial work or plans to expand your business.

Step 3 – Assessment

This is where our assessor will come to your establishment, have a walk around and then review the services and facilities that you have on offer. In order to meet with our quality standards, they will check minimum entry requirements and quality levels to determine which star rating is achievable.

Step 4 – Debrief

You’ve had your visit and the assessor has completed their appointment, so now they will discuss their findings, highlighting any minimum entry requirements and general quality guidance that may need to be put in place to achieve your desired star rating.

If you are a Self Catering property who has had an advisory visit and your desired rating is achieved, this rating can be confirmed without the need for a follow up visit. However, further payment will be required to make up the difference between the cost of the advisory and the full application. Please contact us for more details.

Step 5 – Written Report

Within three weeks of your visit, you will receive a written report that confirms the assessor’s findings. Where appropriate, it will also include quality advice and any suggestions made relating to your establishment and the desired star rating.

Please note: Advisory visits entail an overview assessment therefore ratings are only given as an indication (potential rating) and do not guarantee the rating will be achieved.